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I found a guide to install it, but I think it's not working for me you should be able to get info about the affected package(s) by issuing "dpkg -S /usr/bin/3g-nexus" 3g-nexus looks like a bash script which is called by some other executable it can't be auto-installed, it's an executable script you probably need to copy the files manually so this is all manual? I've copied over all of those three folders, ran the script, restarted the bluetooth service... and nothing not sure if the script will work without having the proper 3g-nexus package installed it could be that the file is missing (or you don't have a read permission to read the file) I think you're right, I've uninstalled 3g-nexus just in case, I did a search for dpkg to find out what that was... it is a package manager yes, dpkg is the package manager for Ubuntu you can also run apt-file which is used to search for packages that contain a certain file it can be helpful for such problems got it, I did apt-file search 3g-nexus and it returned this: 3g-nexus: /usr/bin/3g-nexus so I assume I should have that installed? I guess it needs to be installed just copy the deb file from /var/cache/apt/archives/ to your desktop and then double click the deb file to install it is most likely named 3g-nexus__ which means: 3g-nexus_3.0.0-0ubuntu3.1_amd64.deb you can manually edit the script or you can have the script call the proper apt-get command oh, wait I think I have it when




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Download Tinyumbrella 61003a For Windows 64 Bit

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